Ideas For Your Engraveables

  Ideas for Trophy Engraving

 Trophies are usually handed out in recognition of a notable achievement. They come in a range of different designs and 3D engraving styles. One of the only troubles that you may experience is in finding the correct words to use on a trophy. However, this short guide should help you out in that regard.

Recipient’s Name:

It is quite usual to put the date of the awards ceremony and the name of the recipient on a trophy. For formal business occasions it may be deemed appropriate to use the full name of the trophy receiver. If the award is being given in honour of sporting or community achievements then it might be best to use a nickname if well known by such entity. The recipient will appreciate the time taken to decide on the formatting as well as the other clients who embrace this option.

Trophy Title:

You might find that the designers and/or engravers can give you some pointers when it comes to the selection of a suitable heading for the trophy. As a sign of appreciation it might be best to use a phrase such as ‘For your willingness to go above and beyond, we salute.’ As a mark of sporting achievement it is advisable to use a phrase such as, ‘For your devotion and inspiration.’ It is essential that anybody who later views the trophy immediately knows why it was given.

Other Message Pointers:

Bear in mind that the space designated for a message is likely to be fairly limited. You should keep the wording short, simple and to the point. It might be a good idea to use exclamation marks in order to highlight the strength of feeling of the award givers. For long statements of appreciation it may be better to opt for a plaque than a traditional trophy.

Writing Design:

Depending upon the reason for handing out the trophy it might be a good idea to opt for an elegant or jazzystyled engraving. You can also improve the appearance of a trophy by using a circular or vertical writing pattern. Remember that different styles and colours will have a direct bearing on the way in which the award is perceived. To emphasize a sense of class you may want to use an Impact font in smooth blue. If the trophy is meant to celebrate a more informal occasion then it might be best to use Comic Sans in a striking green.


Advancements in 3D engraving technology have allowed for the inclusion of stylish images on trophies. You might opt for the image of a favourite pet or a smiling face as part of the overall design. The trophy could even be shaped to look like a footballer or cricket bat, if you so desire! Contact us to see if 3D is an option for your order! 

As ALWAYS, If you need guidance in style, font, product or more, PS Trophy is all inclusive and will satisfy your needs above and beyond expectations!

Article Source: Ezine Articles 2014