Caring for your new Trophy

Caring for Silver Trophies:

As with all trophies, we advise that you carefully consider where to display or store your trophy – keep it in a safe place with few airborne substances likely to tarnish the metal such as smoke, soot, or cooking fats.

Ornamental trophies, or even simple designs with hard to reach spots might require a soft brush to clean and we recommend a purpose made micro-fibre cloth for your most special silverware.

Unlike a pewter trophy, silver requires more care. While keeping silver trophies in a glass cabinet keeps your award out of harm’s way, dust free, and secure, it also provides another important service – reducing the amount of oxygen in contact with the silver. Oxygen and humidity are the enemies of silverware and you should try to keep both of these factors to a minimum. That certainly means avoiding contact with liquids, and never storing your trophy outdoors.

You should clean silver often with a polishing cloth, but only occasionally with polishing cream – and use it sparingly. As with all trophies we recommend that you polish in straight lines of the same direction rather than ‘buffing’ in circles.If you’re storing your trophy for a long period, ensure you prepare correctly beforehand – giving the silver a final dust and dry. Try to seal your trophy in an airtight plastic bag or wrap to keep oxygen levels low. It is also worth remembering that newspapers can react badly with silver, so this is a definite no.We pride ourselves on making some of the best awards and trophies in Wayne County– and recommend that you take good care of your silver trophy to get the most life and enjoyment from it. We hope this bit of information helps preserve your trophy and we are happy to answer any questions regarding this blog. Thank you!